The Catch Culture

Here at the Catch Group, our people are committed to changing the game for Australian consumers… and we've gotta admit; that's a pretty cool reason to come to work.

Styled as ‘a slice of Silicon Valley Down Under’, the Catch office vibe is all about innovation and energy. We love to nurture big, bright and bold ideas and help them to grow along with the business itself.

So if you're ready to develop your career in the digital space, we have an exciting and always evolving environment that offers people a strong purpose, genuine autonomy, and the ability to foster a hugely in-demand skillset.

Despite how large we are as a team, we are very close and we all work toward maintaining that family-like relationship and bond. We are still nimble enough to break the boundaries when it makes sense, and explore new paths quickly.

Most of all, we have fun at work. This was the #1 rule put in place by our founders and probably the only rule that has never been broken!

One other important thing to note is that we have always embraced the unconventional when it has made sense and suited our business. We don't do things just because 'every other company does it'. This has been one of the key ingredients to building a unique culture that is both refreshing and relevant for our young, ambitious, and diverse workforce.